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pictures are worth
Welcome to the video page!
Just check out the different videos covering finished rides, experiments,
how to's and more. Some videos are quite old an are only avialable in Real
video format so you probably need to download the right player. Enjoy!!


  jevries in L.A. jevries live in la Jevries Blog
In January 2006 I was part of an exhibition called
from the Island of Misfit toys. The exhibition took
place at the Ben Maltz gallery in L.A.
I had a great time hanging out with the people
from Otis design school as wel as friends from
the internet.
lowrider bicycle meeting bicycle meeting
In 1995 the first Lowrider bicycle meeting took
place in Holland at the beach in Scheveningen.
My Bike, named Purple Haze, took first price.
This videoclip was a feature for Lowlife video'zine
a video series on skateboarding and other
creative outlets I directed edited and distributed.
blue in tha face beddancer blue in da face
This 1/24 scale custom Chevy S-10 truck throws
in quite a show rocking side2side, threewheel
action, lifting the truck bed and spinning it at
hypnotising speeds. Check the Jevries webpage
on model beddancers for more info on this ride.
las vegas replica lowrider D.A. las vegas car
David Anthony Garcia is a well known name in the
lowrider model car scene famous for his articles
in LRB and outstanding creations. This short video
is part of a whole interview I did with him in '98 on
his 1/24 Las vegas car replica and other work he
beswitched '67 Chevy Impala beswtiched 67
This ride started out as an of the shelf RC car that
could only lift the rear and go sideways. I modified
this ride so it it capable of hopping the front big
time along with some fast dance action.
Theme comes from an old TV series called
Bewitched that was sponsored by Chevrolet in.
car show model cars first carshow 94  
The Rosmalen 1994 carshow was the first time I
showed my model cars to the public.
John Oron of Unity C.C. shot this footage and
features 4 modelcars: Purple Daze, Ford Galaxy,
'64 Impala and a '70 Caddy Eldorado. This footage
has never been released before so enjoy it!
'66 Riviera hopper 66 rivi clip  
I used a Lindberg hopper car to build this RC '66
Rivi Hopper. The car can drive back and forth,
locks the rear and hops the front.
I used a cheap RC toy car for the components and
it was build a year before Lindberg came out with
their first RC lowider model car.
lowlife model car commercial model car video clip  
This commercial was also featured in Lowlife
video'zine back in '97. I made it to promote Unity C.C.
and it features rides as Blue in tha Face, Green caddy
eldorado and Purple daze. Graphics I used from
LRB pages.
urban nation lowrider model cars Urban Nation  
Lindberg asked me to produce a short promo video
of their new RC lowridermodel series Urban Nation
later on changed in Homies hoppers.
Clip was shot at an abandoned spot near the railway
station close to my home.
This promo is played at many toy exhibitions.
zrack beddancer model Z-rack experiment  
I always wanted to build a functional Z-rack
beddancer and this is what I came up with.
It uses 4 motors to operate the Z-rack. This truck
is never been build but was a experiment to see
if the rack worked.
big blue '64 Chevy Impala Big blue '64 chevy impala  
Da Big '64 was the first Big scale lowrider car I build.
This 1/10 monster has fast side2side action and
a massive fronthop. This videoclip contains new
footage shot by John Oron of Unity C.C. at the
'98 Rosmalen carshow.
Homies hopper lowrider convertible homies hopper  
This 1/18 convertible '63 Chevy Impala I created
using a Homies hopper RC car and basically build
it from the bottom up. I redesigned the hopper
mechanism to fit under the rearseat and also made
the car lift and lower the rear.
This ride was made as an sample for Lindberg.
'77 cadillac hopper 77 caddy hopper  
This 1/24 Caddy promo model I build for Betos
custom designs
in Cali. Using new techniques
but still with very inexpensive parts. I used an
RC unit from a cheap RC toy car and modfied it
to make this ride capable of lifting the rear in
a smooth fashion and hopping the front bigtime using 3,6V.

'70 Chevy Impala dancer 70 impala  
This1/24 scale '70 Impala does all the dance moves,
drives back and forth and has a poseable steering
setup. It was one of the first RC lowrider cars I
have build. The videoclip has a Mexican flavor and
features the music of Galexico.
the way of the knot the way of the knot  
The way of the Knot, a title taking from the classic
Bruce Lee movies, explains the cool trick to make
your modelcar lock in every position. All you need
are the small HO motors and dental floss thread.
Also in this flick is some footage of Blue in da Face
and the experimental Z-rack.
Caprice RC hopper model car rc caprice hopper

This 1/24 scale '75 Chevy Caprice features a small
sized RC setup with detailed/chromed rear
suspension parts. It smoothly lifts the rear and hops
the front and comes with full interior.
This ride was shipped to my homie Beto from
Beto's Custom Designs in Cali.

RC caddy hopper caddy hopper
Another Lindberg Hopper car I've altered and
modified for Scalelows in Indiana U.S.
The care features simple features of driving,
lifting and locking the rear and hop the front.
I've added a toy RC unit to get rid of the linecontroler.
joker red riviera joker hopping
It was big news when Red's famous Joker car was
doing some demo's at a big car show in Germany.
Really cool to meet the people from Red's and
seeing their ride in action. In between this footage
was shot of my little '66 Buick Riviera hopper car
...hopping on the hood.
Purple Daze lowrider model car purple daze

Purple Daze was the second lowrider model car I
build besides dancemoves and hopping action this
ride can also drive back and forth.
This1/24 scale '70's Ford T-Bird is line controled
and features a highly customised interior.

Real Deal '64 chevy impala real deal 64  
The Real Deal '64 Chevy Impala. A 1/25 scale ride
that bridges the gap between highly detailled static
models and working dancer rides.
I did this project together with Ryan aka 1ofakind
from Scalelows he is responsible for the paintjob
and detail work on the interior and engine.
This ride has a real working suspension RC controled.
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