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In september 2004 me and my girlfriend Joelle travelled to New York to meet the people of Crafthouse they are the guys responsible for those cool Lindberg Hopping and dancing cars.
We had a great time over there and went
home with an assignment in the pocket:
Make a short video presentation of the
new RC Urban Nation Hopper cars.
Within a few weeks I received the 1/24 and 1/18 cars ready for
some on-screen action!
With short video clips is important to
capture the esscence of the product in
this case the style and action of the
cars. It was not hard to come up with
a nice location to shoot the cars since
the brand name already reflects this:
Urban nation.
I went to this old torn down distribution centre located near the train station. This place is illegaly used by the local skateboarders and provides a perfect Urban enviroment to shoot the clip.
Since I only have 2 hands it's hard to
control both the camera and the cars
so My girlfriend Joelle was kind enough to control the cars.

making of custom text
When it moves..I shoot!
panasonic digital camera
Meet my buddy the 3chip Panasonic NV-DX100.
It's an old DV cam I bought it in '97 it captured
lots of good moments and still serves me well.
This cam went thru it all from falling on the
ground to being stolen by a crackhead in
Huntington beach and getting delivered back
by undercover police. Two thumbs up for the
HB police!
click for larger image
On the day of the shoot it was pretty
cold and cloudy not the best
circumstances to shoot a clip that needs to resamble a warm sunny day. After the editing I had to make sure to give it that exact look by using custom filter settings adjusting the image color tempature using colorbalance and contrast.
click for larger image
Here you see a screenshot before and
after the filter settings were applied.
In this videoclip I used a 0.45 Fisheye
lens for the closeup shots because it
makes the model car look like the real
thing. For the drive scenes I shot the
car in tele position by zooming in and
manually set the focus. Setting the
focus manually is really important
since the auto focus useally has great
difficulty keeping the subject in focus.
zooming in you also can get that effect of a blurry background (depth of field) when your camera allows you to set the iris manually you can make this effect stronger by making the opening wider. It will take practise to shoot in tele pose because the image is easily distorted by shacky hands and wild movements.
Placing elements on the foreground creates more depth in the image.
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To make a clip more action packed
you can make shots from different
angles. Picture you shoot the car
from the rear driving away from the
camera in the shot that follows you
can make a shot from the front. Also
different image compositions and
backgrounds will give you a very
dynamic video clip in the end.
Try to prevent shots that have the
subject in the centre of the screen it's better to position it on two-third from the left or right it will give the image a better balance.
Close up and tele shots
An example of a zoom and closeup shot
Get the action going!
click for larger image
In this screenshot you see the car
positioned on aprox. 2/3rd of the screen
Eye candy
More tips will follow but for now enjoy the videoclip and I hope you start making your own videoclips!
More tips will follow....
Copyright Jevries 2007
Editing your material is lot's of fun especially when you work with a plan before you start shooting your videoclip. It's always nice when you made shots from different angles and motions so you can make inserts. Be carefull with using all kinds of transitions useally it makes the appearance of the video a bit cheesy same goes for all kinds of trickery text effects use it when it's needed and try to make it fit the style of the video.
Cutting and mixing
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