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RC 67 Impala hopper

BeSwitched '67 started out as
a mildly tricked out RC lowrider toy car
made by Radio Shack.
My good friend Brian Archuleta from
Colorado had send me this great looking
'67 Chevy Impala knowing I would tear it
apart and create
something special out
of it.
The body style is really well done but the
moves are very limited. Factory stock
this ride can lift the rear go sides
making the car go into 3 wheel motion,
it can't lift the front. The wheels where
also way off definitly not your typical
lowrider wire wheels.
This ride went thru different stages to figure out what would work and what not. The setup as it is today is different from the tech pictures on this page.
It's very likely this ride will undergo some new changes in the future.

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beswitched 67 laid

I removed the original red paint and
painted the car with Volvo Champagne
color. The bumpers where all scratched
and they were send out to my friend
Ryan Happe from Scale lows in Indiana
who got the parts cleaned and chromed.
The chrome trim I did with household
allu kitchen foil and applied 3M adhesive spray on the back, cut and finally polished to a bright chrome finish.
Lights where added using leds and I
added a pot meter to manually control
the cars speed. A high torque motor
provides enough power to have this baby
hit backbumper within 3 hits.

beswitched 67 1 small
67 impala rear
67 impala locked
video beswitched 67
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rear setup smaller

First I started working on the rear lift
setup by extending the plastic disc that
rotates 360 degrees pushing the rear up
and after a complete turn the car falls
down again. I attached ball links and threaded rod to both the disc and the
chassis to create a longer stroke
making the car lift a lot higher and
because the pivot point sits in the
middle of the chassis it will also create
a more dramatic 3 wheel motion effect.

Since this Radio Shack car didn't come
with wire wheels I needed to create my
own set. I cut the rim lip and back of the
RS wheel with a razor saw. Pegasus
makes 1/10 scale wirewheels and I cut
the wire section from the wheel. I placed
the wheel parts on the axle and than used
superglue to mount it, cut away the excess material and used a rubber plumbing socket for tires. Whitewalls are cut out of sticky vinyl and transfered.
Click on the wheel pic for details.

front susp smaller tech 5
Using most of the parts that came with
the car I build a U-shaped front
suspension that travels up and down.
On the front I created a bucket so that
the hinged suspension sits lower and it
enables the car to lift and lowert he front.
The steering servo is mounted to the two
rods so it travels up and down with the
rest of the steering setup. I repositioned
the centre spring preventing the wheels
of staying stuck in their last position.
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The BeSwitched ride was featured on
the cover of Lowrider Bicycle Magazine
fall issue 2004. With that a complete
article on three of my creations
including Blue in tha Face and Big '64.
I did all the photography and wrote the
basic version of the article.
Unfortunatly LRB isn't around anymore it
was the only magazine dedicated to
lowrider bikes and model cars.

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