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RC cadillac 1


I always had this goal in mind
to build fully functional radio controlled lowrider
model cars. Experimenting with toy RC cars I
learned a lot about basic RC electronics going
from 1/64 to 1/12 scale. Recently I switched over
to more advanced RC equipment enabling me 
to build the ultimate RC lowrider model car.

homies hopper


RC cadillac 2 In the tech pics you can see I removed
the long arms where the wheels are
normally attached to, drilled a hole in
the round bar and placed a bolt locked
with nuts. This bolt acts as a hammer forcing the created U-bar down in the
shaft making the car hop. I described
this mod in the Lowrider Bicycle article
calling it "the Hammer setup".
RC cadillac 3
  RC tech inside RC lindberg insight
To keep the rear up during hopping I
glued a piece of styrene to the rear arm.
I shaped the styrene in such a way that
the wheel can easilly turn and at it's
highest position the cam will pop in the
created gap. When you hit the switch
again the wheel will turn and the cam
will be freed from the gap.
For the front wheels to run on the U-bar
I used tubes from a popsicle and a Bic
pen. Drilled a hole in the wheels backing
plate large enough to make a piece of
the popsicle tube sit snug. Than I slid the wheel on the U-bar and locked it
with a small piece of tubing coming
from the Bic pen.

I used parts of a 1/32 Auldey racetin RC
car like the reardrive and pcb. With the
wires connected to the hopper/lift motor hitting the switch back will lift the rear
hitting it forward will make the car hop
the front.

  kitchen chrome foiling button video caddy RC caddy finish
  Chrome foiling using regular allu kitchen foil and 3M adhesive spray. Simply spray the back of the
foil, cut a piece and cover the whole front windshield, rub and cut away the excess material.
  dancing '65 Impala RC '65 Impala RC '65 Impala side RC '65 Impala 3 wheel  
  This '65 Chevy Impala has a completely
scratch build chassis with 3 servo motors
installed to make the car go front/back,
side2side and 3 wheel. The car features a
poseable front steering setup to be able to
make it drive in circles or in straight lines.
The front wheels spin using the same
method as described above.

  RC '65 Impala front up  
  RC '65 Impala rear up The electronics also came from a 1/32
scale Auldey RC car. I constructed a
reardrive setup that makes the car able to do all the moves. For more on the tech aspects check below at the '70 Impala's tech insight. The setup
on that ride is similar to this one.
  RC 70 Impala laid
70 Impala banner
This is the '70 Chevy Impala that is
featured in the mexican music flavored
videoclip I build in 2000. This is second
ride with this type of setup using small
spring hoses where the lines run thru to
lift corners.
Since the toy RC pcb only has 4 functions
I had to figure out a way to
make maximum use of it. The only way
to control the up and down motion was
by making the servo's turn in a
continious motion so the car goes up
and down when you push the switch
The rear drive I created using a 130
motor and wormgear it won't set a new
speedrecord but than again it's all
about going low and slow.
70 screen small1 70 screen small2 video  
One switch makes the car roll forward and lift the
front the other is to control the sides.
RC 70 Impala locked 70rc tech 1 rc70 tech 4 RC 70 tech 10
rc70tech3 RC 70 tech 9 RC 70 tech 12
    RC Impala tech inside tech insight 70 Impala  
  3 Servos motors in combination with lines are used to make the car perform all the moves. When
the U-bar is lifted halfway and you hit sides it creates a smooth side2side action since it can pivot
more easily. Liftit all the way it will lock and make the car go 3wheel. Car runs on 2 AA batteries.
  RC hopper In 2005 I created a series of RC Hoppers
out of salvaged micro RC toys that I tweaked out in
combination with modified micro servos to lift the rear
and a high torque 130 hopper motor to hop the front bigtime.
The cool thing about these rides is the fact that the interiors
are all there and you can't see the RC setup and motors.
  RC monte hopper small  
    RC monte hopper 6    
This 1/24 Green '78 Monte Carlo is a
promo model and was send to me by
Brian Archuletta. I've created a simple
rear end using brass square and round
tubing and soldered the individual parts
The micro servo that controls the rear lift I
modified so that it rotates all the way
round. The hopper motor is a special high torque version that responds very well to
the supplied 3,6V juice.
  RC monte small      
RC monte small 7
For the switchbox I used a soapbox which has a nice small size. The tires are the new
5.20's made by Pegasus, the wire wheels on the Monte are from Revell.
The Red Hot Mod stands for the way the RC
pcb is modified by swapping the transistors
for mosfets it allows more amps to run
thru the system and to the motors.
RC monte carlo small RC hopper monte 5
RC 77 cadillac coupe deville
video button All together I build 10 of these rides and all where sold. Beto from Betos custom designs
in San Fransisco had send me these promo
models to trick out.
The '75 Caprice I used some of the original
rearend parts and combined it with the brass
parts to give it a more authentic look. I used
bare metal foil for chrome.
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RC 79 cadillac coupe deville
  RC 75 chevy caprice comp  
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