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I picked up a Lowrider Bicycle Magazine with
an article on how to convert a regular Hot
Wheels 1/64 die cast car into a remote
controled hopper. Needless to say I was amazed. First thing I did was bying a bunch
of Hot Wheels die cast cars and as soon as I came home I started working on my own Hot Wheels Hopper.
I used the Hot Wheels '65 Chevy Impala to create my little lowrider hopper car.
I bought a whole box of Mabuchi HO motors at a surplus store mounted one on the chassis attached some strong sewing thread to the motors shaft and juiced it with a small square 9V battery.
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              hw 65 impala
hot wheels hopper tech comp
Here some pictures of the hinged rear setup
to manually adjust the height. I used 1 Mabuchi
HO motor and a couple of small weights in the
trunk to get a better hop.
  caravan small
caravan 7  
This Caravan was the second Hot Wheels hopper I build this time using 3 HO motors to
move sideways as well and 3 wheel motion.
I swapped the original HW wheels with those
from the Revell 1/64 cars since they look a lot
better. Small leds where added both on the
front and on the rear.
The unpainted car on the right has 2 motors
and as you can see it takes off like the space shuttle!
caravan small
caravan tech caravan  9 small
3 small HO motors where used to make this ride do all the moves.
bigbody banner
  big body small

Micro in size but big in performance this 1/64
scale 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham is.
The micro car is equiped with a modified 6 way
radio control receiver making the car roll back
and forth, steer, lift the rear up and down and
hop the front with a push on the button.
This Cadillac came as a 1/64 die cast model
manufactured by Jada Toys I altered the front
and made a resin copy. I designed a setup
using exsisting micro RC parts as well as
newly created gear boxes to make the car roll and hop.

big body small 7 big body small11
big body 4 small
big body 5 small video
  big body 6 small     In total the car has 3 micro motors and
magnet steering setup from a micro RC
car. The car hops the front using a small
gearbox, cammed wheel and arm setup
similar to the ones used on those old
lindberg cars. In the videoclip the car hops quite fast this is adjusted since.
The rear lifts using a modified micro servo
and the drive motor I created from scratch
and has two speeds. The caddy is painted Tamiya candy orange over gold base with a light sand top.
  Footage shot by my good friend Mario Montano
back at Luis MIranda's Customs, Phoenix AZ.
tech insight stripped model mold making 5 small mold 3 small mold 5 small mold 6 small
moldmaking small moldmaking 4small mold 7 mold 3 small
In the picture above you see the stripped
model filled with clay ready to be molded.
Note: this mold was a direct copy without
any mods being made to the nose of the
car. I used brake fluid to remove the paint
from the car.
For the mold I used Smooth-on silicone
and Smooth-cast 300 for the resin part.
If you don't have a vacuum chamber to
get rid of all the air bubbles use a 30 or
40 shore (softer) silicone.
The final result is a two part mold. The
inset part had two airvent holes to get rid
of trapped air. I plugged the inset right
after I poured the resin so that the resin
pours thru the air vents preventing air bubbles.
                    bigbody mock up 1 big body mock up 2 remote small
micro RC parts

For most of my RC lowrider cars I use toy
RC components. I learned how to tweak and modify the pcb's so they let more power
thru and create extra functions.
For this car I used an old LXX Super Perfection micro RC car that has the RX6C
chip onboard that allows you to create two
extra functions. The car has two speeds
I recently added lights which are still not connected all is powered by a super small 3.6V Lipo battery which makes the car run
for 15 minutes or so. It's charged with a
special Lipo charger.
The pictures above show the first mockup
to see of everything fits.
If you want to learn more about tweaking
this kind of stuff check all the micro RC
forums there are a lot out there on the net.

micro big body 2 micro big body 1
micro big body 4 hopping
  An overview of the different body versions I did. The gold big body was the first one I did but the paint cracked same problem with the orange version. big body ornage orange small