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Line conroled lowriders have wires run
from the switchbox to the car just like
the real thing. These are basically the
most common working lowrider model
cars out there since they are fairly easy
to construct.
The cars can do all the moves from
lifting front and back to side to side and
3 wheel motion.
Jevries blog
welcome to lowrider model cars

My name is Jeroen de Vries AKA
Jevries and I live in Utrecht a city in
the heart of Holland 45km away from
I started out building lowrider bicycles
back in '92 being the first guy to cruise
in the streets of Holland.
Checking out the first Lowrider bicycle
magazine I stumbled upon pics of a
hopping '64 Impala model car build by
Erik Casarez...I was blown away by
it...the next day I bought my first model
kit and started to build.

In the years that followed I developed
my own techniques in making my model
cars hop and dance. From using
Mabuchi 130 motors with gear setups
to the use of Mabuchi HO motors with
dental floss and into the world of Radio
Controled lowrider cars. Make sure to
check out this website for any new
updates on rides and how to's, Enjoy
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David A. Garcia introduced the Hot
Wheel hopper in one of the issues of
Lowrider Bicycle Magazine.
I build several micro lowrider cars
using the Revell and Jada Lowriders.
The latest addition is a Radio Controled
'96 Caddy Fleetwood that is fully
action packed!
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Lowrider bedancers are mini trucks that
besides performing all the moves also
have the abillity to raise the truck bed and
make it move and/ or spin.
You can imagine that a lot of acion is
going on with these type of lowriders.
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Radio Controled lowrider models are
what I'm really into nowadays.
From having the 1/24 scales lift the rear
and hop the front to big size models that
perform like the real thing including
massive hopping action.
jevries hopping the big 64
Go to lowrider model car videos
By far the most popuair section of my
website looking at the stats.
Besides working on Lowrider models I've
always enjoyed making short videoclips
where my cars are the stars .