What is better than cruizin' in the
hood with your '63 Impala do a little bit of hoppin' on every streetcorner..?
Topless ofcourse! Convertible style.
This car was delivered to me by the
people of Crafthouse and I was ready
to perform some heavy surgery on it. It's an 1/18 scale car and when I lifted the body from the chassis I knew this was going to be a tough job.
I guess it was 2002 when I saw a
Lindberg brochure that showed
a '64 Chevy convertible...the car was never made because it is kind of hard to make everything fit including all the motors and RC unit.
Crafthouse came out with their 1/18 Homies hopper cars. Of the shelf the cars are able to do hop, drive and steer.

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Copyright Jevries 2007
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I had lot's of fun building this car and
even more playing with it. Will this ride
ever be mass produced?
Well...let's wait and see!
On the inside the car is filled from the
bottom up with motors and lots of
plastic ready for me to remove and start out with a clean chassis.
Besides that it had to become a
convertible Chevy I also wanted the car to be able to smoothly lift the rear to make the front hop higher. I redesigned and build this car in two months with the challenge of using only the parts that came with the car and some extra stuff.
This rides chassis is totally build from
scratch none of the original parts were
left alone and it needed some serious rearranging to make it all fit.
I made a new hopping mechanism, rear lift system and drive tranny. I vacuformed the interior using the seats and doorpanels of an ERTL diecast '64 Chevy Impala same goes for the windshield. Cool thing is that you can cruise with four Homies in this '63 Chevy and I made one Homie specially for this ride so it could be seated behind the wheel.
I created a new front suspension to
give it a better appearance and hop.
Same goes for the RC unit I mod out to
give the car extra features that can
trigger for instance lights and some
other secret tricks
This convertible '63 Chevy jumps up
with power! When the batteries run low
you can make the rear drop down a bit
and the car hops backbumper again!

Toy'z in da hood!
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