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blue in da face beddancer three wheeling  
    Lowrider beddancers were very populair during the late '80's
and early '90's when mini trucks hit the market big time.
These tricked out mini trucks can do all kinds of moves
including lifting the bed, move it in any direction and/ or spin it.
    beddancer lowrider  
    beddancer locked up  
blue beddancer I build my Blue in da Face lowrider
beddancer in '95 after seeing Bear Garcia's
Chevy C1500 truck model in Lowrider Bicycle
Instead on having a snug top I wanted it to
have a flat bed with all the mechanics hidden
inside the truck. The motors are all tucked
under the seats to create a fully exposed
interior. Blue in da Face features a scissor
rack and motor for lifting and spinning the
bed, 4 motors for simulating the hydraulics,
lights all around and a working sound
system. All this action is controled using a
universal switchbox that has a VGA plug so
you can hook more cars up to it.
The speed of the spinning bed is controlled
by a pot meter.
beddancer locked up  
beddancer laying low
beddancer spinning light
video block    
tech inside bar
      This beddancer started out as a Revell
Chevy S-10 Wave rider model kit.
I cut and modified the chassis using
styrene and a Fresh mint container
that keeps the scissor slider rack in
place. The trucks moves front to back,
side to side and three wheel motion
using small Mabuchi HO motors.
The technique to hook the dental
floss lines to the HO motors I call
the Way of the Knot.
It's a very simple and effective way
to make the car peform fast dance
action and the capacity to lock it up
in any way I want. The dental floss
line is spun around creating tiny
knots making the line shorter and lifts
the model. You can either use brass
wire or welding wire to create the suspension parts and axles.
The scissor rack is made out of
2X2mm square brass tubing that is
hold together by tiny 1mm bolts and
nuts. The motor that lifts the bed is
a long body FF series Mabuchi motor.
An HO motor spins the bed.
bedancer build up 1  
Custom work on the chassis and motor placement
    beddancer build up  
Rear and front suspension parts and front lift motor
    beddancer build up 3  
The scissor rack build using brass square tubing
Chevy wave rider beddancer lifted bed   beddancer cockpit
  beddancer close up      
    brians beddancer laying low  
In total I build 4 of these beddancer lowrider trucks this one was shipped to my homie Brian aka Raiderz2001 in Colorado.
I used the Revell lowrider version of the S-10 mini truck which has standard grill and lights.
I chromed the scissor rack using PVC chrome tape and applied it by making it warm by rubbing it and finally stretch it over the parts like it was vacumed.
The spinning bed also features lights so when the bed spins it will create a swoosh of light. To create that effect I used a copper ring glued inside of the bed and a small strip of copper glued to the motor base. This strip drags over the copper ring, like a needle on a record, keeping the lights on while spinning. When the truck hits sides it will make additional lights go on as well.
beddancer vga plug        
bedancer switchbox
brians beddancer small  
bedancer three wheeling  
    I always build a universal switchbox it's
an excellent way of saving money on
switches and boxes. The knob on the
side is the 1K potentio meter to control
the speed of the HO motor that spins the
bed. It uses five 6 prong momentary on
DPTD toggle switches and the truck is
juiced by a 6V AA battery pack.
beddancer spinning bed fast  
beddancer laying the bed
xtreme beddancer logo
This the Revell Chevy X-treme S-10 truck which has a less square shaped body .I Build this truck
for Chris from Canada.
The small collars that hold the lines are made from those small plastic tabs that are used for keeping cupboard shelves in place. Drill a hole with the same diameter as the motors shaft and cut it. They will last a long time. Many parts can be found on the internet for very good prices so be sure to check that out.
By having the line that lifts the bed running over the scissor rack slider bar it creates an extra trick of having the bed laying almost behind the truck.
beddancer close up beddancer xtreme laying
beddancer model
    beddancer construction tech inside    
    U-bar and shaft setup and rear suspension setup. The front is lifted by using a Mabuchi HO motor and all the wires run inside
the square tubing under the chassis for a clean look and best performance.